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Mercedes Citan sponsors of the Series B

The City of Van Stella is an official partner of the Cadet Championship in season 2012/2013

Mercedes-Benz Citan takes the field with the Serie B football championship . The new commercial vehicle with the star, born to the urban transport of goods and people, made ​​his debut as an official partner of the Cadet League in season 2012/2013 alongside the 22 teams that will contend for promotion to Serie A.

COMMON VALUES power and agility, teamwork and passion , dynamism and territoriality are the common values ​​between the Football Championship Series and Mercedes-Benz B Citan.

A share that resulted in apartnership that will see the Citan protagonist in stadiums across Italy , from next staigone MERCEDES-BENZ AND SPORT 

„The partnership with the Football League Championship once again underlines the close link between Mercedes-Benz sport, a combination increasingly strong and long established: from the red earth, the green of the great trophies of golf, horseback riding through, at major sporting events live on land starring „ said Dario Albano , Sales Mercedes-Benz Vans in Italy.


„Mercedes-Benz – said the president of the League Championship, Andrea Abodi – is a highly prestigious global brand, which chooses the platform of the Series B recognizing, of course, the ability to represent positive values ​​and rooted in the territory „ .


Thanks to sponsorship in the form of centralized all Championship Cadet, Mercedes-Benz Citan will have full visibility in stadiums where the matches will be played by B. „A unique format for all B teams that will enable Mercedes-Benz Citan to strike effectively throughout the country with a widespread presence in all 21 stadiums „ , said Mark Bogarelli , President of Infront Italy , the consulting firm for the marketing of the cadet championship.

First Mercedes GAZ Sprinter T1N rolls out of the factory in Nizhny Novgorod

Daimler and GAZ start implementation of Mercedes-Benz vans manufacturing in Russia: The parties plan to localize the well-proven Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T1N, as well as the engine and other components. The reliable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T1N is worldwide on the road since 1995.

The companies are cooperating under the terms of the agreement that came into force in May 2012 after a number of prerequisites agreed upon by the partners had been met. The signing brought the negotiations, which had commenced after a Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the end of 2010, to a successful conclusion.

The parties plan to localize the well-proven Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T1N, as well as the engine and other components. In its partnership with GAZ, Daimler will invest more than €100 million in the product adjustment, production processes and sales network. GAZ Group will invest over €90 million in the project.

In the framework of cooperation both companies are also planning to localize Mercedes-Benz engines at GAZ Group’s production site in Yaroslavl. GAZ Group’s new plant conforming to the advanced international standards was constructed at the end of 2011 to produce YaMZ-530 Euro-4 engines.

Commenting on the prospects of the joint project to assemble Mercedes-Benz vehicles at GAZ, Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, said today at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, “The partnership with GAZ will take us a big step forward in the promising Russian van market. For Mercedes-Benz Vans, Russia is an important future market that offers us good growth opportunities. That is why we want to produce our vans for Russia locally and cater to local customer preferences.”

According to experts, Russia will become one of the world’s largest sales markets in the midsize and large van segments by 2020 with the annual volume of around 300,000 units. Russia’s market volume for this segment today is already about 150,000 units.

Bo Andersson, President and CEO of GAZ Group, said, “The cooperation with Daimler will enable us to upgrade the manufacturing capacities and processes of Gorky Automobile Plant.

And we are already on the way: in May 2012 a contract was signed with Germany-based Eisenmann, the leading international supplier of systems for the automotive industry, to supply a new paintshop for more than €50 million Euro.

The new technology will ensure full conformance with Daimler standards in the paint process at GAZ, and will also be used for the model range of Gorky Automobile Plant.”

Start of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter production at GAZ in Nizhny Novgorod is scheduled for the first half of 2013. GAZ has started preparation of its production facilities for the joint project. GAZ employees are being trained at Daimler plants in Germany.

Daimler will organize the vehicles sales and service through the existing Mercedes-Benz dealership network, which will grow significantly in the future.