Iveco lanseaza in premiera marca Kingkan 2011 / New Iveco Kingkan 2011

Italienii de la Iveco au lansat in premiera o noua marca de camioane.

Aceasta se numeste Iveco Kingkan si este realizata impreuna cu chinezii de la SAIC pentru piata emergenta din China.

Din punct de vedere tehnic noul Kingkan este un model Iveco Trekker din generatia precedenta, camion care a realizat vanzari mai pe Batranul Continent.

New Iveco Kingkan 2011 an Italian-Chinese truck!

The vehicle’s heavy range ioint venture created by Born Kingkan , the new heavy vehicle in the range produced by the joint venture Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co. (SIH). A strategic union between: Iveco, SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) and Chongqing Machinery.

The Kingkan was officially unveiled in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Safety, comfort, power and high load capacity , but also strength, durability and style.

These are the main characteristics that are also enclosed in the name: in English, King is the king, or leader , in this case the segment. Kan. , but is, in Chinese legend, a second% solid foundation built by SAIC and Iveco in recent years. Kingkan is a product that will compete in the domestic market, where sales volumes are superiorza, durability and reliability .

The vehicle is an ‘ evolution of the classic line of products SIH: after passing rigorous tests of proof is now Kingkan a product robust, dynamic and modern, which achieves high performance and excellent value for money .

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