Nissan Cabstar primeste tehnologia Hybrid! New Nissan Cabstar EV Concept 2012

Nissan modifica modelul sau de utilitara Cabstar pentru a da nastere conceptului Cabstar EV.

Acesta utilizeaza in mare aceeasi tehnologie care se regaseste si pe modelul mai mic LEAF, respectiv noul Cabstar EV devine un camion 100% electric.

Acumulatorul este de tipul 4R realizat din lithium-iom, detaliu care primite utilitarei o autonomie mare si un timp de reincarcare redus.

In Europa acest model urmeza sa-si faca aparitia incepand cu cea de-a doua jumatate a anului viitor.

Nissan Lithium-ion battery powers Cabstar EV Concept, Refrigerator Van and Power Supply Truck 2012

The Cabstar Refrigerator Van by Li-ion Battery is the first of its kind in the world. Its refrigerating compressor operates on a combination of an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery power system developed by 4R Energy Corporation. The vehicle’s high-efficiency electric compressor makes it possible to keep the chilled/freezer compartments operating even when the vehicle engine is switched off, while also contributing to cutting CO2 emissions.

In addition, getting rid of refrigerant piping in the chassis has allowed for reducing the risk of refrigerant gas leaks.

Moreover, this vehicle offers groundbreaking multi view monitor, which is an advanced version of the around view monitor modified especially for trucks. The new monitor provides a bird’s eye view of your vehicle on LED screen which is located on a rearview mirror area, allowing the driver to check to their rear and passenger side, areas that are difficult to see when backing up.

The Cabstar Refrigerator Van by Li-ion Battery is scheduled for release in Japan in late 2012. Its multi view monitor is scheduled for release in spring 2012.

4R Energy Corporation owned by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (51% ownership) and the Sumitomo Corporation (49%), is a company established in September 2010 with the objective of considering new businesses that utilise EV lithium-ion batteries.


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