Renault Kangoo ZE primeste 15.600 de comenzi! Renault wins an order for 15,600 electric Kangoo ZEvehicles

Renault a anuntat ca urmeza sa construiasca peste 15.000 de modele Kangoo ZE datorita primei comenzi reale din partea unui client.

Astfel, Renault Kangoo ZE a fost cerut de catre Ministerul Economiei, de Finante si al Industriei din Franta in peste 15.000 de exemplare.

Acest lucru inseama ca incepand cu anul viitor Kangoo ZE devine cea mai importanta masina full electric din Europa, masinile urmand sa intre in parcurile institutiilor din Franta.

Modelul Kangoo ZE are o autonomie de 150 km in mediul urban si se incarca full in doar 7 ore.

Renault won most of the mega-French control of electric vehicles, with 15,600 trucks

Renault won Friday most of the mega-French control of electric vehicles, with 15,600 trucks, far ahead of PSA Peugeot Citroën as part of the purchase made by the state, business private and local government.

The diamond brand will deliver 15,637 Kangoo ZE over a period of four years, while PSA was awarded a second batch of 3,074 copies for its small car Peugeot Ion, according to a joint statement from the Ministries of Ecology, Economy and Finance and Industry.

This announcement is timely for Renault, which has relied heavily on the electric Kangoo ZE whose first arrived that day in the concessions.

The bulk order launched in 2009 provided for a third batch of four to five urban places, which has not yet been assigned it „helped to organize and unite the needs of public enterprises, 18 enterprises of different status ( ADP, Air France, Areva,Bouygues, EDF, ERDF, Eiffage at November 2, 2011% a pioneer in mobile sector vehicles „carbon-free”.

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