PREMIERA-Prezentare Renault Midlum EV 2012 /Renault Midlum is the biggest EV in Europe

Renault a prezentat in premiera pentru transportatorii din Europa cel mai mare camion full electric de pe piata.

Acesta este Midlum EV si are o greutate a gol de 16 tone, sarcina maxima fiind de 5.5 tone.

Prima companie care a achizitionat aceste camioane ecologice este STEF-TFE din Franta, acestia fiind transportatorii exclusivi pentru reteaua Carrefour din orasul Lion.

Modelul Midlum EV are o autonomie de 5-7 ore in functie de sarcina si este echipat cu o motorizare electrica de 150 kw. Autonomia maxima a masinii este de 100 km.

Renault Midlum is the biggest EV

Normally, an electric vehicle is small in size, but Renault takes in this case to increase. The Renault Midlum is a fully electric car coat with a payload of 5.5 tons and a total weight of 16 tons!

Last week, the keys of the world’s largest EV handed over to the French logistics company STEF-TFE, which next year will take fresh food products supply chain Carrefour near Lyon. This prototype is also equipped with a refrigeration system.

The maximum payload is 5.5 tons. The main advantage of the electric vehicle is that the products are fresh in the morning, between 5 and 7 hours can be delivered to shops in the center. Normal trucks can not related to noise not in the stores.

Every truck of sufficient capacity to meet its three lithium ion battery packs on board, which have a combined capacity of 150 kWh develop. They provide the 103 kW/140 hp electric motors for power.

This enables the maximum electric Midlum 100 km away, while the route the car every day going to lay off about 75 kilometers long. The battery pack is fully charge up to 8 hours.

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