Scania a lansat noua gama de motorizari Euro 6 ! Scania has a new range of Euro 6 engines for 2012!

Scania a lansat in premiera mondiala in urma cu 30 de minute noua sa gama de motorizari Euro 6 pentru camioane.

Conform primelor date aceste motorizari pot functiona 100% cu biodiesel, sistemul fiind numit de Scania EEV.

Tot ca o noutate este oferirea motorului V8 diesel pentru toate pietele unde Scania comercializeza camioane.

Pe langa gama noua de motorizari Scania promoveaza si noile sisteme Scania Opticruise si Scania Retarder 2012.

Press Release:

Scania has a new range of Euro 6 engines for 2012!

New global engine platform ensures optimum performance for all operators

Scania today offers the widest range of heavy-duty trucks in the market. From 2012 they will all be powered by a global range of engines that will be used
worldwide for all emission standards – Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5, EEV and Euro 6.

European markets also have access to an extended range of Euro 5 and EEV engines with SCR technology. The engines can operate on up to 100%

The new engines are used globally for all emission standards. All inline engines are based on the latest platform introduced in 2007 with technologies to meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission requirements, as well as Euro 4 and Euro 3. Scania’s V8 engine range is available worldwide and for all current emission levels.

The new engines come with a new range of gearboxes, new Scania Opticruise and new Scania Retarder – all with significantly improved performance.

The changeover to the new engines is taking place at Scania’s production units in South America during the second half of 2011. The new Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines
as well as the additional Euro 5 and EEV SCR engines will be introduced in European production during 2012.

Comprehensive global engine range

With the new global engine platform, customers gain access to an unparalleled range of closely stepped power and torque ratings that cover all imaginable heavyduty truck applications.


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