PREMIERA-Iata cel mai mare camion de mina din lume! ETF Mining Trucks-Simultaneously self-loading of 800 MT in 3 minutes!

Compania german ETF dezvolta in premiera mondiala cel mai mare camion de mina din lume.

Acesta se numeste simplu Haul Train si premite utilizatorului sa incarce in doar 3 minute 800 de tone.

Incarcarea se face evident fara ajutorul unui escavator, camionul fiind echipat cu un sistem inovativ de incarcare automata exact din cariera.

In total ETF anunta o disponibilitate tehnica a camionului de 95%, detaliu care aduce o scadere a costului per tona.

Un alt mare avantaj este o reducere cu pana la 25% a consumului de combustibil pe incarcatura in comparatie cu modelele actuale.

O alta noutate din partea celor de la ETF este camionul de mina MT-240 care poate transporta pana la 870 tone US cu un cost mai reduc cu 45% la capitolul combustibil si anvelope dedicate.

ETF Mining Trucks-Simultaneously self-loading of 800 MT in 3 minutes!

Mining Trucks and Haul Trains with ETF’s innovative solution for maintenance & repair ensures 95 % technical availability, the lowest cost per ton, 12 % increased productivity, 10 % less trucks required for the job, 25 % less fuel costs, reduction in haul road construction costs and enormous environmental benefits.

MT-240 Mining Truck

ETF developed a new and innovative Mining truck range which combines the features of Large Haul Trucks and Articulated Dump Trucks. Because of the All-Wheel-Drive/all-Wheel-Steering capability, ETF trucks can operate in both Off-Highway and Off-Road conditions. Production delays due to slippery road conditions during heavy rain or snow are events consigned to the past.


ETF Haul Trains are the answer to the demand for even larger payloads than even current Ultra-Class Trucks offer. The innovative design results in the lowest cost per ton in the industry.

Payloads from 463 to 873 US tons
Huge operator cost savings
Tyre savings of more than 45 %
In-pit loading and hauling even in very wet and slippery conditions
No haulage distance limitations as with current Large Haul Trucks

All ETF trucks have All-Wheel-Steering therefore achieving a very short turning radius. In single lane use just 9.8 m (32 ft) wide road would be sufficient for a Haul Train with HT-218 trucks. (payload 218 US tons each) For a 180 degrees turn only 34.8 meters (114 ft) is needed.

Higher Utilization

Downtime for checking tyre pressures, topping up of lubricants and cleaning lamps and mirrors are tasks of the past. Now all is completed automatically during operation. Absolutely no loss of production in very wet slippery conditions, while conventional trucks would be parked until conditions improved the fully integrated All-Wheel-Drive and ABS braking system fitted to the ETF maintains full time operation of the fleet.


Collision accidents will be considerably reduced because there are fewer drivers on the road.
Haul Trains are equipped as standard with:
ABS brakes and Traction Control on all wheels resulting in superb traction and steering on slippery roads. No jack-kniving;
Optical Safety System;
Sleep Deterrent System;
Collision Warning System;
Camera’s on both sides and rear;
Enhanced lighting;
Enhanced Ergonomics and HVAC system.

Multiple engines
Automatic lifting axles during empty haul
Major components change in 15 minutes (Engines, tyres, axles 45 minutes)
95 % technical availability
Higher usage
Safer by design
Environmentally friendly


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