Prezentare in premiera a Salonului International COMTRANS 2011- MAZ, Kraz, Ural, UAZ si Kamaz 2011!

V8 diesel 600 hpPutina lume stie ca unul dintre cele mai importante evenimente auto ale anului in curs a fost Salonul International de la Moscova, Comtrans 2011.

In cadrul sau atat producatorii rusi de camioane au avut premiere cat si cei din Europa de Vest precum Mercedes sau MAN.

La capitolul Made In Russia GAZ a stabilit un acord de colaborare cu germanii de la Mercedes, iar incepand cu anul viitor modelul Sprinter urmeaza sa fie realizat in uzinele din Rusia.

O alta mare noutate a fost din partea celor de la Kamaz care au prezentat noua serie de camioane realizate impreuna cu Mercedes Benz.

Tot la capitolul noutati amintim marcile MAZ din Bielorusia care a venit cu un camion de 33 tone 6510W6 care este echipat cu motoare diesel americane Cummins.

O alta noutate a fost MAZ-ul 6040PA9783 care este echipat cu un motor diesel V8 de 600 CP si 2.500 Nm. Acesta are o cutie de viteze automata marca Allison.

World premiere at Comtrans Moscow 2011! MAZ, Kraz, UAZ and Kamaz!

The World is getting smaller every day–especially when it comes to truck shows! Thanks to one of Biglorryblog’s roving reporters I can bring you a picture round-up of the recent massive COMTRANS Show in Moscow which attracted many visitors from around the globe as well as all the big chassis manufacturers including all the local truck makers like the one above. And for a pie who makes this bonneted beastie?

At COMTRANS Daimler-Benz and Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz presented another milestone in their on-going partnership–the first showing of their jointly-developed range of heavies featuring Daimler Trucks’ components modfied by Kamaz for the Russian market.

I doun’t know about you but I find this an attractive looking ‘fleet-size’ cab. And in order to produce the new Kamaz truck, Daimler says: „The two partners will work together even more closely in the future. In addition to the axle joint venture concluded in December 2010, Daimler Trucks and Kamaz will closely collaborate on truck cabs in the future.” Indeed both partners signed a memorandum of understanding during the show which will see Mercedes-Benz will begin delivering cabs to Kamaz in the second half of 2012.

And Mercedes adds:”Later on, the cabs will be assembled at the Kamaz production plant in Chelny in the Russian republic of Tatarstan and will subsequently be industrially manufactured at the plant. The new Kamaz truck series featuring components from Daimler Trucks which will go into effect in Russia in 2014, meets the Euro-5 emissions limit.”

Talking of local manufacturers here’s another one–MAZ from Belarus–Its 33-tonne GVW 6510W6 six-wheeler is powered by a Cummins ISLe 360hp six-pot in front of a 12-speed box. The same strikingly angular cabin is also used on its tractors…

But it was this bonneted behemoth on outside display that really grabbed the vistors’ attention. The 60-tonne GCW MAZ 6440PA/97583 tractor is powered by a locally-produced Euro-4 spec V8 big banger that delivers 600hp and 2,500Nm of torque.with a six-speed Allison auto behind it….impressed? Source:RoadTrabsport


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