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Daimler pregateste o noua strategie pentru gama Mitsubishi Fuso & Bus Corporation 2012

Daimler a anuntat ca incepand cu prima luna a anului viitor marca de camioane Fuso urmeaza sa primeasca noi directii.

Cea mai importanta este evident cea de promovare in cadrul pietelor din Europa unde marca inca este recunoscuta drept 100% japoneza in ciuda preluarii actioneratului de catre Daimler in urma cu ceva vreme.

Vanzarile camioanelor Fuso au crescut conform statisticilor cu 71 procente in ultimul an pana la un nivel de 39.793 unitati.

Target-ul celor de la Daimler este sa atinga 200.000 de unitati pe toate pietele.

Una dintre cele mai suprinzatoare aparitii in gama Fuso este noul model de 3.5 tone care vine in ajutorul celor care transporta volum nu greutate.

Daimler launches growth offensive at Fuso 2012

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, has emerged in stronger shape after the crisis brought about by the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan. MFTBC President Albert Kirchmann announced this good news today during the European Press Test Drive for the new light-duty Fuso Canter truck in Ludwigsburg.

“The realignment of Fuso in 2009 and 2010 created a solid foundation that is now allowing us to benefit in the current situation,” said Kirchmann. “Measures such as the realigning of our manufacturing operations and the optimization of material costs have resulted in a €760 million (100 billion yen) improvement. This put us in a situation in which we were able to react with extraordinary flexibility during the production ramp-up after the earthquake disaster and to quickly achieve the same unit volumes that we had before the crisis.”

The upward trend in sales in the aftermath of the events of last spring is also clearly evident. Sales already increased by 71 percent to 39.793 units in the third quarter compared to the second quarter. Due to the disaster sales decreased by 30 percent (about 10.000 units) to 23.299 units in the second quarter of the year compared to the first quarter. In total a number of 96,247 vehicles were sold between January and September 2011 (January-September 2010: 100.747 units).

Albert Kirchmann commented on the sales developments as follows: “The Japanese market is stabilizing after the earthquake disaster. The current development at Fuso is positive. All the signs indicate that we will surpass our sales figures for 2010 by the end of this year. Our mid-term goal is to double the annual international Fuso sales to more than 200.000 units (2010: 115.894).”

“I’m very proud and pleased that Fuso is an integral and reliable component of Daimler Trucks and back on track,” said Andreas Renschler, the Daimler Board of Management member responsible for Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses. “Fuso will most definitely play a major role in our efforts to sell more than 500,000 trucks worldwide in 2013.”

Achieving this strategic role will require an expansion of fleet activities, an entry into new markets and segments outside of Japan. The first steps have already been taken. Medium-duty Fuso trucks were launched on the South African market at the beginning of October, for example, and heavy-duty Fuso trucks will be introduced in Indonesia for the first time next year. Making Fuso a profitable global player is a component of the future-oriented “Fuso 2015” initiative, which is based on five strategic pillars:

“Fuso 2015 is a growth offensive,” Kirchmann explained. “We plan to achieve the goals of our strategic program by improving product quality even further and providing even better customer service. We will also focus our product portfolio more strongly on growth markets. The further development of our environmentally friendly drive system technologies for Daimler Trucks will play a key role here. By 2015 Fuso plans to be the leader in alternative drive systems and related forward-looking innovations for the global commercial vehicle market.”

Fuso plans to forge ahead with the development of its hybrid activities, because it is clear that in the future more stringent emission limits will also become a feature of markets outside the triad. Fuso is already one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles with alternative drive systems. Back in 2006, it introduced the Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid — one of the cleanest light-duty trucks in the world. The Daimler Trucks Global Hybrid Center (GHC) has been located at the Fuso facility in Kawasaki since 2008.

The GHC coordinates and synchronizes the worldwide hybrid activities of all truck brands in the Daimler Group. The latest development from the GHC is the heavy-duty Fuso Super Great long-distance haulage truck, which is equipped with a hybrid drive system. In addition, the Fuso Super Great HEV test truck will make Daimler Trucks one of the world’s first commercial vehicle manufacturers to demonstrate substantially higher fuel efficiency as compared to conventional diesel-powered trucks.

Tehnologie de avantgarda a noului Ford Transit Connect Electric 2012 / Advance tehnology in thew new 2012 Ford Transit Connect Electric

Ford comercializeaza de ceva vreme una dintre cele mai curate masini utilitare din lume.

Acesta este evident modelul Ford Transit Connect Electric, modelul fiind gata de comercializare in tari precum SUA sau Marea Britanie.

Noul model care se construieste si in uzina din Craiova primeste in premiera un sistem electric de ultima generatie care permite micilor intreprinzatori sa utilizeze masina pentru 150 de km foarte ecologic.

Noaptea modelele Transit Conncet Electric se incarca timp de 8 ore pentru a da un randament foarte bun in momentele aglomerate ale marilor orase.

Modelul este comercializat de catre Ford impreuna cu partenerul sau Azure Dynamics, un specialist in realizatrea de masini comerciale electrice.

The Transit Connect Electric has found favour with residents of the UK’s greenest community at Unity Gardens in Long Sutton in Lincolnshire, after showing it can cost less than £50 annually to power Ford’s light commercial vehicle.

Residents of the eco-friendly community lived with the Transit Connect Electric for a day, carrying out day-to-day jobs such as, taking children to school, delivering waste to be recycled and transporting their home-grown crops.

Unity Gardens was created by award-winning eco-architect Dr Jerry Harrall, who said: “The electric vehicle is an obvious natural progression for Unity Gardens. The residents are generating more energy than they are using so it makes sense for them to take advantage of the excess to power an electric vehicle.”

According to Dr Harrall, figures show that an average two-bedroom home will consume around 28,000 kilowatt hours (kWhrs) of energy per annum, while a Unity Gardens house will go through just 6,000 kWhrs of energy in a year.

Since each home generates 7,500 kWhrs per annum thanks to the sustainable technology of solar panels on each property, the scheme puts more energy into the National Grid than it is taking out. The surplus going back into the National Grid of 1,500 kWhrs is enough to charge the Transit Connect Electric more than 50 times in one year, providing enough power to drive nearly 5,000 miles at an annual cost of about £46.50.

The Unity Gardens sustainable community grow their own vegetables, manage hives of 150,000 bees, take care of more than 20 chickens and harvest rainfall for essentials such as toilet flushing as well as the watering of plants.

Nissan Cabstar primeste tehnologia Hybrid! New Nissan Cabstar EV Concept 2012

Nissan modifica modelul sau de utilitara Cabstar pentru a da nastere conceptului Cabstar EV.

Acesta utilizeaza in mare aceeasi tehnologie care se regaseste si pe modelul mai mic LEAF, respectiv noul Cabstar EV devine un camion 100% electric.

Acumulatorul este de tipul 4R realizat din lithium-iom, detaliu care primite utilitarei o autonomie mare si un timp de reincarcare redus.

In Europa acest model urmeza sa-si faca aparitia incepand cu cea de-a doua jumatate a anului viitor.

Nissan Lithium-ion battery powers Cabstar EV Concept, Refrigerator Van and Power Supply Truck 2012

The Cabstar Refrigerator Van by Li-ion Battery is the first of its kind in the world. Its refrigerating compressor operates on a combination of an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery power system developed by 4R Energy Corporation. The vehicle’s high-efficiency electric compressor makes it possible to keep the chilled/freezer compartments operating even when the vehicle engine is switched off, while also contributing to cutting CO2 emissions.

In addition, getting rid of refrigerant piping in the chassis has allowed for reducing the risk of refrigerant gas leaks.

Moreover, this vehicle offers groundbreaking multi view monitor, which is an advanced version of the around view monitor modified especially for trucks. The new monitor provides a bird’s eye view of your vehicle on LED screen which is located on a rearview mirror area, allowing the driver to check to their rear and passenger side, areas that are difficult to see when backing up.

The Cabstar Refrigerator Van by Li-ion Battery is scheduled for release in Japan in late 2012. Its multi view monitor is scheduled for release in spring 2012.

4R Energy Corporation owned by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (51% ownership) and the Sumitomo Corporation (49%), is a company established in September 2010 with the objective of considering new businesses that utilise EV lithium-ion batteries.

Renault Kangoo ZE primeste 15.600 de comenzi! Renault wins an order for 15,600 electric Kangoo ZEvehicles

Renault a anuntat ca urmeza sa construiasca peste 15.000 de modele Kangoo ZE datorita primei comenzi reale din partea unui client.

Astfel, Renault Kangoo ZE a fost cerut de catre Ministerul Economiei, de Finante si al Industriei din Franta in peste 15.000 de exemplare.

Acest lucru inseama ca incepand cu anul viitor Kangoo ZE devine cea mai importanta masina full electric din Europa, masinile urmand sa intre in parcurile institutiilor din Franta.

Modelul Kangoo ZE are o autonomie de 150 km in mediul urban si se incarca full in doar 7 ore.

Renault won most of the mega-French control of electric vehicles, with 15,600 trucks

Renault won Friday most of the mega-French control of electric vehicles, with 15,600 trucks, far ahead of PSA Peugeot Citroën as part of the purchase made by the state, business private and local government.

The diamond brand will deliver 15,637 Kangoo ZE over a period of four years, while PSA was awarded a second batch of 3,074 copies for its small car Peugeot Ion, according to a joint statement from the Ministries of Ecology, Economy and Finance and Industry.

This announcement is timely for Renault, which has relied heavily on the electric Kangoo ZE whose first arrived that day in the concessions.

The bulk order launched in 2009 provided for a third batch of four to five urban places, which has not yet been assigned it „helped to organize and unite the needs of public enterprises, 18 enterprises of different status ( ADP, Air France, Areva,Bouygues, EDF, ERDF, Eiffage at November 2, 2011% a pioneer in mobile sector vehicles „carbon-free”.

PREMIERA-Prezentare Renault Midlum EV 2012 /Renault Midlum is the biggest EV in Europe

Renault a prezentat in premiera pentru transportatorii din Europa cel mai mare camion full electric de pe piata.

Acesta este Midlum EV si are o greutate a gol de 16 tone, sarcina maxima fiind de 5.5 tone.

Prima companie care a achizitionat aceste camioane ecologice este STEF-TFE din Franta, acestia fiind transportatorii exclusivi pentru reteaua Carrefour din orasul Lion.

Modelul Midlum EV are o autonomie de 5-7 ore in functie de sarcina si este echipat cu o motorizare electrica de 150 kw. Autonomia maxima a masinii este de 100 km.

Renault Midlum is the biggest EV

Normally, an electric vehicle is small in size, but Renault takes in this case to increase. The Renault Midlum is a fully electric car coat with a payload of 5.5 tons and a total weight of 16 tons!

Last week, the keys of the world’s largest EV handed over to the French logistics company STEF-TFE, which next year will take fresh food products supply chain Carrefour near Lyon. This prototype is also equipped with a refrigeration system.

The maximum payload is 5.5 tons. The main advantage of the electric vehicle is that the products are fresh in the morning, between 5 and 7 hours can be delivered to shops in the center. Normal trucks can not related to noise not in the stores.

Every truck of sufficient capacity to meet its three lithium ion battery packs on board, which have a combined capacity of 150 kWh develop. They provide the 103 kW/140 hp electric motors for power.

This enables the maximum electric Midlum 100 km away, while the route the car every day going to lay off about 75 kilometers long. The battery pack is fully charge up to 8 hours.

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